7 Wonderful Mobile App Development Platforms & Tools to Checkout

2 Create A Website | Blog | Published On: May 16, 2017

Today, you can find a lot of application development platforms and tools that can help you to develop apps without breaking the bank. Yes, you read it correctly, you can easily develop mobile apps using different platforms and tools.

However, it is important that you choose a right platform from the various options and develop an app that meets your requirements. In this post, you can find top 7 tools and platforms that you must check out and try your hand.

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Appery.io – A Cloud-based Mobile App Builder


Apprey.io is the most powerful cloud-based HTML5, jQuery Mobile and Hybrid mobile application developer that is popular for delivering cross-device apps in the enterprise.

This high-end tool is known for combining enterprise-grade integration middle-ware with a browser-based rapid development environment and mobile back-end services to quicken enterprise mobilization.

In addition to this, the tool allows developers and business analysts to instantly develop and run apps that help businesses of varied sizes boost revenues and enhance productivity.

Supporting with different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone using integrated Apache Cordova/PhoneGap output, there is no need to install or download anything so it is easy to develop an app using this tool.

Swiftic.com – Make Free Mobile Apps


Swiftic.com is the simplest mobile application builder that offers a comprehensive range of tools and features you need to connect with your on-the- go customers. The tool can help you to come back and boost your sales.

The tool has a completely straight tip “develop stunning app designs instantly and easily – no coding, one click and it’s ready to work”. This high-end mobile app development tool is used by various people, who successfully developed an app for both iOS and Android in just minutes.

Moreover, the tool has a lot of components, including social feed, RSS, events, eCommerce, notifications and many more. Further, it will also submit your application to different app stores. Therefore, it is a wonderful tool for all those people, who are non-technical.

Mobile Roadie – Free Mobile App Maker

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is an advanced mobile app maker that helps users to develop an application in no time. You can begin to draw all the advantages of delivering your clients, followers, and fans with engaging IOS and Android applications.

You can take benefit of the tool’s content entry, app organization, and marketing strategy services. It ensures you a speedy and rewarding application launch. Mobile Roadie has worked with Disney, TED.org and Universal providing all three with applications.

Enormous features and amazing design templates set this tool apart from others. Moreover, it boasts fan walls, chat, music playing and geo-targeting capabilities.

Antenna Mobility Platform – Mobile App Development Tool

Antenna Mobility Platform

Antenna Mobility Platform is a widely used mobile app development tool that is a perfect choice for all those organizations, which are looking for developing multiple mobile apps for different types of mobile devices and deploy them as a cloud service.

This high-end tool is collected of a development studio together with a scalable cloud runtime service. In addition to this, the tool has AMPchroma mobile software-as- a-service (SaaS), offering that debuted in February 2012 adds much more capabilities like integration with MDM based on Anenna’s acquisition.

Viziapps – Visually Create Business Mobile Apps In Days


When it comes to talking about the Viziapps, it is the only tool that can visually design both your app’s look and feel and use of backend data. This is an easy-to- use platform that allows developing business apps without any hassle.

Users can design, test, and publish applications using the simple drag and drop editor. It is a perfect tool for all those, who do not have coding skills. It also delivers extensive third-party plug-ins and the ViziApps Studio to enable users to check their app run on their own mobile devices.

App Press – Creating A Mobile App Should Not Be Hard

App Press

App Press is a web-based, no-code application creator that mainly targets iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Mainly aimed for designers, this tool makes use of Photoshop-like user interface for collecting different screens from visual assets through the layers.

While on the back end, the tool is an Amazon cloud-based service and platform. Moreover, the company mainly claims that designers can produce their first application in one day, whereas experience designers can develop five apps per day and train newbies on the platform. Making use of this tool is the best choice for designers.

iBuildApp – Learn How To Create A Mobile App


The buildup is a web builder mobile app developer that provides customizable templates for iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. The tool creates an application in just five minutes.

If you are looking to develop common types of application, the tool is a template-based system that can produce usable results, the selection of widgets comprises the functionality you need.

Build-up has 1000+ design templates that come with a range of features. You just need to pick a template, change anything you want, add your images, videos, text and more to get mobile instantly. So, makes use of this high-end tool and develop a wonderful mobile application.

So, these are the top mobile app development tools that allow you to develop an advanced quality mobile app that you have in your mind. In case, if you face any problem while using this tool and looking to get help from professional mobile app developers, you can get in touch with a trusted mobile app development company.