How To Make Your Own Website

If you want to make a website and don’t have the time then we can make your website for you. We can build your new website with out you lifting a finger and get it up and running in no time at all. If you have never built a website before why start now?

Make Me My Website

Maybe you don’t have the time or skill to make a website and get it online. Don’t panic, we have the perfect solution for you called Make Me My Website.

Make Me My Website

What is make me my website and how does it work?

Its simple. Make me my website is a service where our team of expert web designers will make your website for you. Leaving you free to run your business or do what ever it is you do. We will ask a few questions about the type of site you would like us to make and then tell you what its going cost. Simple as that!

We will take care of everything, like helping you choose the right domain name, setting up your servers and hosting and getting your business online as quickly as possible. Everything you need will be provided in one fixed package.

Choosing the right website building platform

Today just about anyone can create a website themselves and make a professionally looking website that’s eye-catching – even a beginner that has no HTML coding or design knowledge can learn how to make a website. The problem is that it can be very time consuming and if you choose the wrong website platform go extremely wrong.

We will help you choose the correct website building platform for your site from all the different website building software platforms out there that you could use to make your website. In the old days you would need to learn CSS and HTML if you were going to design and build a website. Even if you were updating your site you would have to pay a designer. Costing you extra whenever your site required updates.

Today’s website builders and web hosting company’s offer CMS (Content Management Systems) and this means that people just like you will be able to make your own website.

When we make your website the Content Management System we use is one of the best. You will be able to update your site, add content, images, videos and whatever else you want, no coding knowledge required. You can even add stuff to sell online and open your own online store.

Things have changed a lot especially from 2014. CMS (Content Management Systems) have started to dominate the whole web developing industry.

popular web site platforms

Image and data credit: Opensource CMS

From the above image you can see nearly half of the websites that are on the internet are running on the WordPress website platform. There are a couple of good reasons why WordPress is the best Content Management Systems on the web.

  1. When you make your website using WordPress you don’t need to know HTML, CSS or have any coding knowledge.
  2. WordPress is not only easily to use its also FREE, even the updates.
  3. There are thousands of free and payed themes to choose from.
  4. There are also thousands of free and payed plugins to add those extra features you want on your site.
  5. You can have multiple users who can publish content on your site.
  6. When logged in to your WordPress dashboard you have full control, you can add content, images, videos and lots more.
  7. By using a responsive WordPress theme anyone can make a website that looks professional on any device its viewed on, this is very important in today’s world.
  8. Using WordPress you can create a website in a few minutes.

This site, the one that you are currently browsing is also built with WordPress. Depending on your requirements we could use WordPress to make your website. Like I have said you can create a free website using WordPress but you do need to host your site somewhere if you want to publish it on the internet, this will cost a few dollars a month.

What If I Make A Website Free Using A Website Builder

If you are still not decided on letting us make your website you have probably see that you can create a website free using site builders like Wix and think to your self why not create a free website. It might sound great but be-leave me you will be wasting your time. To build a professional website you will need to upgrade and this is the catch, its no longer free. We can also make your website using a site builder.

The site builder we use to create your website has all the tools required to make a professional website. You even get a free domain for life, reliable fast hosting and eCommerce software so you can sell stuff from your own online shop.

Want to try build your own website using a site builder? We recommend you try a free trial site builder that way you get to try before you buy. Easysite has all the software and features you require to build that professional site. Find out more visit

When We Make Your Website We Use The Best Hosting Company To Host Your Site

Hosting is important. You need reliable fast hosting 24/7 all year round and it will cost you a few dollars a month. WordPress itself is FREE to use, but a personal or business domain name ( and hosting (service that connects your site to the internet) will cost you approximately $3-$4 per month.

If you choose us to create your website using WordPress we will use a hosting provider that is tops, how do we know this? Because all our sites are hosted with them.

How does it work?

If you would like us to set up your WordPress website we will do it for free. Why because we do get a small commission from the web hosting company that we use. This is payed by them not you. We will also give you a voucher code to save $30 on one years hosting. Once you have signed up we will download and install WordPress onto your hosting account for free. Then we will show you how to sign into your WordPress Dashboard and create your own website.

If you would like us to add the content images and build your website from scratch we can, contact us and lets talk about the price for your on-page-SEO.

Article – Make your website – Published 16 Feb 2015

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